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HealthJune 23, 2021
How Cuban doctors helped a small city in Italy tackle Covid-19
In March 2020, the mayor of a small city near Lombardy called on the support of Cuban health professionals. A decision that has helped the city minimise the damage from the pandemic and has prompted the mayor to reflect on the Italian healthcare system.
Health PolicyJune 18, 2021
Make this the last pandemic? Easier said than done...
As Ben Howlett, Managing Director of Public Policy Projects writes, future pandemics are inevitable if governments continue to pursue nationalistic prevention policies.
HealthJune 15, 2021
Pandemic preparedness and vaccine development take centre stage at G7
The 2021 G7 summit, three days of meetings between leaders of the world’s richest democracies, wrapped up on 13 June. With pandemic preparedness and vaccine development playing central priorities in policy discussions.

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NewsJuly 23, 2021
A house of cards: Interconnected infrastructure must be secure
While the interconnectedness of the UK’s critical infrastructure has reaped tremendous benefit, it also poses a massive security risk – meaning a more proactive approach to cybersecurity must be a priority.
CompaniesJuly 19, 2021
If electric vehicles are going to be realistic, we need to be too
Rather than hoping for a technological breakthrough, the government must act more proactively and begin implementing policy that looks to significantly curb carbon emissions using existing resources. Doing so, however, will require a re-evaluation of nuclear's role.
NewsJuly 7, 2021
Getting back down to earth: Why ‘Jet Zero’ won’t work
As the government launches the first round of the £3 million ZEFI competition, it must be asked – is technology really the way to make air travel more environmentally friendly?

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NewsJuly 21, 2021
Project Routemap: building for the future
The announcement of Project Routemap is set to overhaul the way that major infrastructure projects are planned and delivered – in large part due to an increased consideration of social and environmental cost.
NewsJuly 15, 2021
A decarbonised destination missing the map
‘A better, greener Britain’ was announced today as part of the government’s holistic strategy to decarbonise transport which set out its grand ambition of reaching net zero across the whole system by 2050.
NewsJuly 1, 2021
Processing our problem with plastics
Dealing with our plastics problem is important, but unless efforts demand more from producers they are doomed to be futile.

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